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5SOS + writing // recording

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In this type of moments Luke wonders why the hell he is in this band x

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"There’s a value to everything, and the more you resist something, the more you make out of it. Everybody has things that they’re quietly resisting doing, and a good day for them is when one of those resistances come and directly confronts them. And I realized that, in [the studio’s] defense, I hadn’t exactly played Mister Johnny Handgun or some guy who was a semi-sexy, charming, billionaire type guy who then you’re going to put in this big machine and believe that he’s going to kick ass and save the world. But I like proving grounds. I like those crucibles that people have to go through. I wouldn’t wish the anxiety of them on an enemy, but I also know that if I’d been spared a single one of them, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Robert Downey Jr on the value of an audition

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patrickcp_picsHappy birthday @niallhoran I hear you are huge fan, so I got you a little gift. Happy 21st mate

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